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Princess Birthday Party


Let me begin by explaining that I firmly believe in ‘keep it simple’. But OCCASIONALLY I enjoy going above and beyond to throw a theme party. For whatever reason, my daughter’s princess party became such a party. Plus, it gave me a chance to test drive the Princesses Digital Kit I designed for Pixelbooking. From the invitations, to photo frames, and regal party favor bags, the pieces in the Princesses Digital Scrapbooking Kit perfectly brought my majestic princess party concept to life.

My daughter’s fairytale princess birthday party began with an evil dragon, (my 10-year-old son) who came to tell the 6 princesses that he had stolen their crowns and wands and hid them in a secret place. Upon hearing the roaring dragon, the brave knight (my 4-year-old son) came and bravely fought the dragon with his nerf sword and half-eaten banana. The knight was safely protected by his construction hard hat and fireman jacket. The knight offered to spare the dragon’s life if the dragon would lead the princesses to the crowns and wands. The princesses followed the dragon’s seven clues and eventually found the missing crowns and wands and peace was once again restored in the land.

princess-party-digital-scrapbook-lds-mom-blog-1 princess-party-digital-scrapbook-lds-mom-blog-2


Then the princesses were led by the Queen (my 12-year-old daughter) to a land far, far, away (the park across the street) to be read a magical story under an enchanted tree.

princess-party-digital-scrapbook-lds-mom-blog-4 princess-party-digital-scrapbook-lds-mom-blog-5

After the story, the princesses returned to the castle (our house) to discover that the prince (my 8-year-old son) had been turned into a frog (covered by a froggy blanket) by the evil dragon. So the princesses were blindfolded and given a paper kiss to try and tape on to the frog’s forehead. Princess Kate came closest and broke the spell returning my son to a handsome prince. Then lunch was served, presents were opened and birthday cupcakes were enjoyed throughout the land.

I created a simple princess backdrop with a curtain hung on a pvc pipe and attached to my entertainment center with a couple disguised nails and curling ribbon. I used a couple of table cloths to create ‘flounces’ to frame out the hanging curtain. Flanked by two helium balloon bouquets, I had a great focal point and backdrop for all the pictures. When the girls first arrived at the birthday party, I took a picture of them in front of the backdrop in their beautiful princess dress. During the party, my husband printed out the photos. I pre-made some photo frames using elements of the Princess Digital Kit to put their photo into. Then the framed photo went into their individual goodie bags to be given to the girls after the party.



Here are some photos of the rest of the insanity! princess-party-digital-scrapbook-lds-mom-blog-9



princess-party-digital-scrapbook-lds-mom-blog-13 princess-party-digital-scrapbook-lds-mom-blog-12






The Result? One Pooped Out Mommy and Seven Very Happy Princesses!

I also used the Pixelbooking Princesses Digital Scrapbooking Kit to design the scrapbook layouts to remember the occasion. This is the most important step because when my daughter gets older she will most likely complain that I never threw her a fancy birthday party. But now I will have photo and scrapbook proof that yes, indeed, I did throw her a fancy party.

princess-party-digital-scrapbook-lds-mom-blog-16 princess-party-digital-scrapbook-lds-mom-blog-17
princess-party-digital-scrapbook-lds-mom-blog-18 princess-party-digital-scrapbook-lds-mom-blog-19
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