A Week Full of Thanksgiving

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A Week Full of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day became a Thanksgiving week of family, food, and fun! Family portraits, turkey football, tennis, feasting, hiking and soaking filled out the itinerary and resulted in treasured family memories. All five of my siblings and their families migrated to our lovely desert. Here’s my photo documentary of our crazy…

Family Portrait Session

I pretended to be a family portrait photographer and took photos of my brother Justin and his beautiful family. The Gilbert Temple grounds were closed so we went to Discovery Park across the street.

Turkey Bowl and Tennis

In a futile attempt to compensate for all the calories we were about to consume, we had a football turkey bowl and a few matches of tennis. We joined with the Welcome Home Ranch students and the Grove 2nd Ward for football. I think it had been about three years since I last picked up a tennis racket. And it’s not like I was that skilled before then 🙂 But hey….it was fun any way and I burned some calories!

Let the Feasting Begin

We all gathered at the Crawley’s house for our feast of Thanksgiving. I was in charge of stuffing, roles and a kid dessert. I typically make homemade, fresh-ground white wheat rolls. But this year I opted for the frozen yeast rolls from Sam’s Club. I’m not sure if Micah will ever forgive me but at least I bought myself three hours of prep time on Thanksgiving day that I devoted to editing my rodeo video of the stake rodeo from last weekend. And my stuffing turned out superb! After feasting we rolled out into the back yard and took some goofy photos. Thank goodness for stretchy waistbands!

More Than a Little Hike

Stefanie and Micah suggested a great hike across the highway from the Salt River on the North end of Power Rd. The trail led to a small bat cave. We brought the whole family including our boxer dog TJ. TJ’s dad, Turkish, owned by my sister Janai, also came along. Natalie, my two-year-old, pooped out early and had to be carried the rest of the way up and down the hill. Gabe and Micah took turns as pack mule to Natalie. Then, my sister-in-law Sarah, the fitness instructor, took Natalie and ‘glided’ up the rest of the trail and down the trail with Natalie on her back. Sarah hardly broke a sweat!

After the hike we had lunch at the Nickolaisen’s. I led the kids in a good foot soak in the freezing pool water. It felt soooo good! I am so grateful that as my siblings and their families continue on their individual life paths and spiritual journeys that we can all still enjoy spending time together! Even though we may have differing opinions, we can still enjoy our common ground of interests, family bonds and memories. It requires patience and understanding from all of us but is totally worth it in the end! I love my siblings and their families!

One More Surprise

Gabe’s sister, Jessica, and her husband and three kids were also in town. All the cousins got to play and took a few quick pics before they left.


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