First My Daughter, Forever My Friend

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Having recently sent my oldest child and daughter off to BYU I’ve reflected on the dynamics of our mother/daughter relationship including what I’ve learned from our past and what I look forward to in our future. I’m sure you can [...]

Big Lake Little Movie

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What does Mom do while Dad takes the kids out on a fishing boat at Big Lake, Arizona? She takes to the skies with her drone and makes a movie of course! We were fishing on the shore but I think [...]

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The Orange Juice Experiment: Exposing 8 Personalities

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What began as an effort to preserve about 80 pounds of fresh-picked oranges became an interesting social experiment in motivating the eight unique personalities in my family. Maybe you can identify with at least one of them. I found myself [...]

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Six Classic Western Suits & a Retro Black Dress

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What does a western family heritage, six classic western suits, a retro black dress, cowgirls and students in an addiction recovery program all have in common? A classic calendar photo representing Comradery in the Cowgirls Historical Foundation 2014 Calendar featuring [...]